We develop business concepts ready mobile applications even when our client has only a very general vision


Our products

OmniFurniture is a comprehensive solution for the furniture industry. By using the built-in tools combines all the features of a modern approach to sales-OmniChannel. Augmented reality lets you position your furniture and accessories in watched using the mobile app space. Thanks to our solution 3D objects of furniture you can freely rotate and set in the room.

The most important features of the OmniFurniture system:

  • 3D augmented reality technology furniture-furniture store of matching to the Interior of the apartment of the client
  • OmniChannel-online world integration with physical sales lounges
  • Modern marketing-technology for Augmented Reality
  • Collaboration with architects, Interior

OmniMuseum is used to increase user interaction with the site that you just visited. Augmented reality used in our solution allows you to share an additional portion of the information about your exhibit, building, image, etc.. OmniMuseum, in addition, the defendant to build interactive sightseeing paths that invite you to more actively participate in sightseeing. This system is ideal in situations where visitors may not see any exhibit at any given time (eg. When the exhibit is in the process of restoration).

Spent technologies:

  • AR
  • GPS
  • iBeacons

OmniDealer is an innovative solution to improve the sales process in the showrooms. OmniDealer increases the interest of customers, while reducing the barriers to extending such decisions. Choice of colors, additives. An innovative image and high comfort makes the customer a better perception of the brand and higher loyalty

OmniDealer uses the latest technologies:

  •     The location of the internal iBeacon
  •     Enhanced reality augmented relality
  •     Real time color change colorSwap

    Web software for the analysis of the results

OmniMobile carries out mobile apps for business and comprehensive systems created to order. We combine business and technology, thanks to our kilkunastoletniemu experience in the IT industry, we find the best solutions tailored to customer expectations. And thanks to the creativity of the team of developers squeeze with mobile technologies more than others.

Our service includes, among others:

  • The creation of the product vision
  • UX design and UI
  • Financing for the implementation of the application (in cooperation with Nova Praxis)
  • Implementation of mobile applications with the integration with external systems
  • Maintenance of the applications on the App Store, Google accounts, Windows Store